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The Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Collection

Guitar Center, the biggest musical instrument retailer, in partnership with Eric Clapton of the world’s, proudly announces the launching of the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Group. The limited edition set will feature five Eric Clapton homage, replica and touch guitars to be sold in North America alone at Guitar Center locations and on-line at

All guitars in the set that was one of a kind were developed with Martin Guitar, Guitar Center, Fender, Gibson and Eric Clapton, drawing inspiration from your guitars used by Clapton at critical stages throughout his career that was iconic.

The Eric Clapton Crossroads Group is caused by an important and distinctive history involving well-known guitarist and the music retailer. Clapton has also graced the cover Guide. Coming together to develop this special group proved to be a natural continuance of music icon’s and the music retailer longstanding relationship. Well known amongst his peers for being a fantastic musical collaborator, Clapton encouraged Guitar Center to develop an assortment of guitars in the most esteemed producers. The effect of the unbelievable cooperation is two homage replica guitars with loaded ties to Clapton’s career along with three new Eric Clapton touch guitars which will start in conjunction with Clapton’s forthcoming U.S. tour and Crossroads Guitar Festival.

“We’ve consistently respected Eric Clapton among the all time great guitarists, vocalists and songwriters and for his incredible influence on musicians all over the world for more than 50 years,” said Michael Doyle, Senior Vice President of Guitar Merchandising.

Eric Clapton’s Blues

Not much may be said without repetition, other than maybe to propose devotees that were idolizing that he’s really not a demigod, but, finally, only an only fallible human being, a mere person guitar player-although a great one. Despise him or love him, Eric Clapton is the single most noticeable proponent of the old time blues who has turned more people onto the music as well as the conventional blues than anyone on earth and was. When they were spoken by Clapton all listened. Many began their investigation to follow the path of the early blues musicians who initially performed the music being covered by the large rockstars.

While Clapton plays the gamut of rock, pop and reggae music, and also would not be classified as a conventional blues musician, he’s kept his love for Robert Johnson particularly and for the genre. Clapton, an ardent blues performer, has become the front PR man for the country blues.

Not coincidentally, a few of the very most significant music in the music genre continues to be recorded by Clapton. His acoustic guitar covers of the standard blues have reached millions more listeners than almost any other blues record. Truly, a claim could be made the acoustic guitar blues wouldn’t be as popular as it’s now, were it not for this important star’s emphatic progress of the genre.

Moreover, one listen to his duet version of “Mean Old World” by Little Walter, as recorded through the Layla Sessions with Duane Allman, should quiet any critics. Eric Clapton is not as unimportant to the acoustic guitar blues as any bluesman.