New Year Blues

New Year’s Eve is seeming a bit blue, as in bluesy.

A part of the profits will visit the Home Front Cares, an organization that delivers crisis and reactive support and grants for family and Colorado service members, veterans.

Winter is called a master of several trades. Winter sings and plays drums, guitar, saxophone and keyboard.

“Winter gravitate more toward the urban-design blues individuals, like Ray Charles and B.B. King,” he said in an 2013 interview with the web site Classic Rock, “but if you have any common thread that runs through my music, it’s the blues. Winter believe I am mainly considered as a rocker, due to tunes like ‘Frankenstein.'”

Singer and his wife, Jenda, released a Beatles tribute album, “Rick and Jenda Derringer Do The Beatles,” earlier in 2013.

“I tell folks occasionally, we do not always have to be number one on the charts at any given time,” Derringer said in a 2012 interview with the site Pop Culture Classics. “We only want the success that empowers us to continue doing that which we do. We love it.”

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