Eddy Clearwater Soul Funky

Eddy Clearwater is loved by the town of Chicago back also! The youngster plays with live shows often around town, and at times, all over the world. Recorded live in Evanston, IL at a show, it is truly blues and amazing awesome Chicago soul. Not bad at all.

Produced in Macon, Mississippi Clearwater’s family moved in 1948 to Birmingham, Alabama. As a child, he left handed, and taught himself to play guitar, upside down. Following a time the youngster started performing with local groups. His uncle, Houston Harrington, afterwards encouraged Clearwater to join him where he could meet well-known blues musicians like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, and offered the young man a great deal of encouragement.

Not only did Clearwater meet Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, he went to meet, befriend, and perform together, along with Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, and Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, simply to name some. His heroes were Otis Rush and Chuck Berry, so when you listen to him play, even now you can hear echoes of Muddy Waters and in the fretboard travels in Clearwater.

American Blues Scene and Clearwater lately discussed together, discussing profession, his influences, friends, and his anticipations for the future.

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